Saturday, June 16, 2012

[playlist] 6/14/2012

last show and couldn't be happier to have
my brother Tim from WALK playing some acoustic songs!

Doing Sunny Beats has been the most fun! 
Hope everyone has enjoyed the weekly playlists!

I'll still be posting music and short playlists
so check back soon

1. Holy Balm - Take It
2. Twin Shadow - At My Heels
3. White Rainbow - Tuesday Rollers and Strollers
4. WALK -Hiss

5. Geneva Jacuzzi - Love Caboose
6. WALK - Might Be Easier

8. Sun Glitters vs Space Ghost- Feed Me (Sun Glitters Remix)
9. WALK - New Words
*10 Animal Collective - Honeydrum
11. Fur - Polybreak
12. Made in Heights - Chatayont
13. WALK - Caveman Game

14. WALK - Anniversary
15. Alex Winston - Locomotive
16. WALK - Slip n Slide

17. WALK - Point A
18. Memoryhouse - Lately
19. Family - Come On and Feel the Light

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[WALK] [interview]

On my last show this Thursday(noon-2) I will have my family on as guests
and my brother, Tim, will be playing an acoustic set of some of his band's songs
Im very excited so be sure to tune in. (stream

I wanted to share this interview I did with my brother about what it's like to create and play music with his band WALK

Spotlight on the experience of being in a small local band
an interview with Timmy from WALK

WALK is a band that formed in early 2006 by a group of friends who “finally decided to call it a band”. They have been creating music and playing shows ever since. The band includes Tim Jordan(guitar), Dan Apodaca(drums), Chris Kerrigan(keyboard) and Sean Guerin(bass). They have played a plethora of venues around LA ranging from the Troubadour to Tim’s living room and have toured up the coast to Olympia, Washington. The creativity and experience involved in being in a band is something that is hard to describe, but here is how Timmy describes his feelings and thoughts about making music.

How would you characterize and describe your process when creating music?

I think it’s a little like making a bed for yourself to sleep on. And you have a certain discomfort that only certain resonations or vibrations can sooth. I guess you start by hearing music in your head from another song, or even the way your walking and your dragging your feet *cachunck a chh*cachunck a chhhi* its sort of starts a tumbling of a song. It’s like narrating your own life with music. Create a soundtrack to your own life in a way.

 What inspires you/ what are your songs about?

Probably like lamentations. A lot of my songs are about responsibility. Like singing or chanting an anthem. Making it ok to feel like you wanna do the right thing. It’s like having a conversation with someone and you wanna tell someone something and your don’t know how else to describe it other than to sing it. 

Tell me about the formation and changing of your band?

I think it started in the first house I ever lived in and we had a studio that we could go make noise in. The band started forming around the drums. As I started to become more musical, friends of my brothers would come over and we would all play music. We had a tape recorder that only recorded one thing - so it would just record the whole room while we played. Then my friends Kenny, Andrew and Wyatt were the main ones and we were in the studio playing music and recording on Kenny’s 4-track recorder and when he  forgot the tape recorder in our studio, I started using it. Then it was almost like someone dropping miracle grow on something - I just used the tape recorder and had so much fun.

How many people and what instruments do you usually have in the band?

I think always guitar, bass, drums were kind of the core. I think the band sounds adequate with the 3. But other interesting stuff happens when you add more people, so I think 4 is good and its worth having the extra guitar or keyboards - It gives that song something.

How do you feel when you perform onstage?

I think it’s similar to what I was hoping to achieve when writing or coming up with the song. Having to create the song and getting to relive it - as if it was the first time. So its really liberating onstage to kind of let the cords loose.

What is the hardest part about playing music in a band?

I guess timing. Well I’m thinking- getting everyone in the same place at the same time. So even being a band or being friends for any length of time you start drifting away from each other and being a band does not always help you get together… And always remembering to have a tape recorder. Keep everything you can, cuz you don’t know when something good is gonna happen.

Considering you’re a small local band, do you face any challenges getting your band’s name out there?

I don’t have anything to do with out there because I don’t know what out there is and I don’t know how to get there. Everybody I know, knows of our band. I certainly am aware that there is an out there. But I don’t know what [our music] looks like to other people. I don’t think its been hard getting the name out there, but I’ll just try harder anyways. It just sort of happens on its own.

What are some goals you would like to see your band reach.

Maybe to make a totem pole of all of our heads, that would be pretty cool. To have an artifact, or have like a monument, I guess (chuckles). It doesn’t have to be a big monument. It should be easy to find, that’s all. Like a good thing to visit, “this is the WALK totem pole.” Having it be discovered but not in the same way.

Do you want your band to eventually get super famous?

I think I just wanna share with the most people that I can. And the music is powerful and nourishing but I would want whoever needed it to have it - so if that means being super famous. I would be ok if nobody told me they liked our music. It’s not for me to know, its just for them to check out.

Do you think your music is the best?

I think there is really really great music out there. I don’t know every new band, but I think there are better bands than ours. Of course there are so many aspiring artists – creative, creative people. I like a lot of bands, but I love my band extra cuz its mine.

Friday, June 8, 2012

[playlist] 6/7/2012

watch out for black holes

1. Nomadic Firs - Vines
2. Silver Swans - Holidays
3. Collarbones - Don Juan
4. Golden Ghost - Plain Sight
*5. Beach House - Wild - Bloom
6. Computer Magic - Electronic Fences

*7. La Sera - Real Boy - Sees the Light
8. Magic Man - South Dakota
9. Luminary Youth - Timeshift pt.2
10. Birthdays - I'm Keeping Some of Mine for Me
11. Parades - Past Lives
12. Monster Rally - Moonglow(Yalls Remix)
13. Baths - Nightly, Daily
14. Alemayehu Eshete - kegigizew Bertchi - Ethiopiques Volume 8
*15. Here We Go Magic - Over the Ocean - A Different Ship
16. Volcano choir - Island, IS
17. Hooded Fang - Laughing
18. Jacob Lee Tobin - Focus
19. Outerwaves - Big Cats
20. Tomas Barfod - November Skies feat Nina Kinert
21. Lovers - Barnacle

One of the poems my mom read on the show...

The snails never had is so good.
Today my daughter has discovered you and is cherishing your eel bodies and frail horns like a fairytale. How earnest we become over something which before we gladly would have smashed. I pull weeds and wonder where this particular species of plant, this weed with miniature flowers and new green burrs has come from, finding a home in the snail’s salt flat raceway. With glee I excise this source from outdoors before these burrs, fast burr from burr turn brown and start nesting in my socks and cuffs.
I am aware as working fades
and we gardeners lose our light, that sounds from a once-a-year neighborhood carnival ebb, then pick up force like the wind just before the sun goes down. As if our air were just too full of these sounds of children’s voices, sirens doubt, jubilation, that a maelstrom is all that can cleave day from night. Her flashlight wobbles back inside, jostling just below the height of her elbow, satisfied with snails.
I honestly come to the Post Office to visit her nails. It is as if her nails have drained some power of beauty from the rest of her to keep themselves alive. Her fingernails, Coming Attractions, Picasso Retrospectives
riffing on my stamps and certified letters, The Rockettes kicking away on the ends of her two wrists, lipstick and blue. She plants a gem, a heartthrob, words poems on each nail. The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Cheat Thy Nails, nails who sing all the live-long, postal service day away.
Christine Jordan